Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday

Today is actually a beautiful day in Seattle, although it is still only 50 degrees outside. The husband is headed to LA this afternoon with his basketball team and it has me missing California and my beautiful cousin.

Where you can sit on the beach and cover your feet in the sand while you enjoy lunch. (love little Mia toes :) Earlier there were 2 very brave seagulls that stole 1/2 of our lunch meat while my cousin was making us sandwiches that literally became SAND-wiches, but we ate them anyways because that's what you do on the beach.

Or soak your feet in the sand while the waves rush over your feet. My little cousin, Ethan, and I would stand there and wait for the waves to rush over our feet and we would giggle when the grains of salt tickeled the bottoms of our feet as the remaining water returned to sea. We would jump forward and he would be amazed when there would be our own little sea under our feet filled with small clams!

This weekend, it will be just me and the kids. While the older 3 have their own agendas (read - a life not involving mom) my youngest and I will be out celebrating!! She had Select Soccer tryouts this past week and we finally got the call today that she made the team she wanted. We will be celebrating at a Seattle Sounders soccer game tomorrow and possibly dinner and a movie tonight!!

Hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A few NSV & c25k

I finished my 1st week of the Couch to 5k program. It was definitely a challenge to get all 3 of my runs in, but having the support of a "buddy" and knowing that she was out there getting her runs in really did push me in the right direction.

My husband ended up in the hospital on Friday morning with Chest Pain. They admitted him and ran lots of blood work & did testing. They discharged him on Saturday afternoon and he was to follow up with a Cardiologist. Men are SO stubborn! I've been telling him this for MONTHS! And the fact that I work for a CARDIOLOGIST just makes this a little more ridiculous. He is having to monitor his BP for a few weeks and then follow back up. We are just very thankful that he is ok!

I do have a few Non-Scale victories that are fun to share!

On Mother's Day day, my oldest daughter gave me a big hug and just held on for quite a while. When they are 17, you don't ask questions and you take every hug possible!! She let go, kinda just looked at me, and then hugged me again!! As she was holding onto my waist, she says "Mom! Your waist is so tiny. I can almost wrap my arms around you twice!" Ok.. she was really exaggerating with the wrapping her arms around me twice (and SO tiny ;)), but it was such a good feeling!!

Every month or two, I get a "Free Panty" coupon from Victoria Secret. It usually has a $10 off bra coupon + a free gift if you spend over $75 coupon. The panties are always cute and the styles vary from month to month. I've always given these coupons to my daughter, because honestly.. the panties never really fit me. Even the L seemed small and just uncomfortable. Last month, I received my coupon in the mail and just shoved it in my purse. A few weeks later I found myself at the mall with my youngest and happened to remember the coupon in my purse. I stopped at VS and got myself the free pair of panties! I received another coupon in the mail yesterday and my oldest happened to see the mail. She says, "Sweet! I get another free pair of panties!" Me: "Not so fast sista! It's my turn to enjoy the VS panties!!"

Non-Scale Victories are just as fun as watching the numbers drop on the scale!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

C25k Week 1 - Run 1



Last night I did my first c25k run. I originally wanted to knock this out on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, but with my busy life (read 4 kids) that didn't happen the way I wanted it to! So is my life.

I had previously downloaded the c25k app on my ipod. Love this app! It allows you to listen to your own music/playlist and will fade the music to let you know when to run/walk.

My playlist:
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Mercy - Duffy
Run the World - Beyonce
Hello Good Morning - Dirty Money & TI
Buyou - Keri Hilson & J. Cole
More - Usher
Last Night (Remix) - Diddy ft Keyshia Cole
Mercy - Duffy

What kind of music do you listen to when you need to when you want to keep movin? Out of 6,000+ songs on my iPod, I still have a hard time trying to find a select 10'ish to add to 1 playlist!!