Friday, February 25, 2011

My NSV (Non Scale Victory)

I have a pretty funny non-scale victory! The husband and I stopped at a grocery store, he went to stand in line for a coffee & I went to stand in line at our bank, which is very close to the coffee stand. A few minutes later I look back to see one of my HS friends walking up to him. I have not physically seen this friend since before I started HCG! When i turned around, the look on her face was PRICELESS with a hint of relief! She was getting ready to cuss The Husband out for being with another woman! She really didnt know it was me! That was such a good feeling on 2 levels... 1 she kept going on about how good I look & 2 I love how my girls have my back ;)

Thats my NSV!
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I'm excited to say that I've been maintaining my weight right around the 177-178 mark. I'm HOPING to start getting it down during P3 & P4!! My whole R2P2 felt "off" from day 1. And that's just sad because I was really looking forward to it!

This week I made it thru 2 of my daughter's birthdays (Oldest turned 17 yesterday), 2 cakes, 2 "whatever they wanted" dinners, and I'm pretty proud of my self.

The husband and I (re)joined the gym on Tuesday. I did step aerobics on Wednesday and I felt really good while I was doing it (It's my FAVORITE!!!), but was walking pretty funny yesterday. :) I skipped yesterday because of daughters birthday, but will be back at it tomorrow am!!! I'm really impressed that I was able to do a full class!! Go me!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting back into the HCG Game...

I've been home since Tuesday and still struggling to get back with the program! Just been in a funk and I really need to kick it!!

If the funk is going to be kicked, this is the PERFECT weekend to cheer me up! My baby girl is turning 12 on Sunday and she is having a birthday party tomorrow! She's having a sleep over with 7 friends and spending a full hour of bouncing fun @ Sky High.. I'm hoping all the bouncing wears them out! :) Wait.. I did say cheer me up and not stress me out right? No, it will be fun. I really enjoy seeing my kids having a good time and enjoying themselves! This will be the last weekend of "fun" as soccer starts back up in a few weeks and that basically eats up all her time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of great releases!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally Home

We finally made it home yesterday (LATE). We had to de-train in Portland and take a bus to our destination because of a mudslide on the tracks. This was a very hard trip to make, but I'm really glad we were able to be home with family during this hard time. I gained while I was away, but not too much. Back on track tomorrow!!!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


R2 Start Weight = 187.0
Today's Weight = 178.6
Total R2 Loss = -8.40

Thank you all for your kind words and food/hcg suggestions. We will be leaving tomorrow & returning home on Monday late evening. The strength in prayer and support can never be underestimated.

Telling my daughter last night was so difficult. At first she didn't believe me, then she just sat there staring at me, trying to hold in the tears, which eventually didn't stop. As I held her, she whispered, "Why is everyone dying?" So heartbreaking!

I didn't sleep very well last night and don't imagine I will tonight either. I left my house this morning and 1/2 way to work I realized I forgot to inject. Today I'm making a "To Do" list because I don't seem to be functioning right and having something to check off will definitely help me tonight & tomorrow.

((HUGS)) to you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with amazing releases!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


R2 Start Weight = 187.0
Today's Weight = 180.0
Total R2 Loss = -7.0

Today has been such a hard day! Got the news that my cousin passed away :( Rephrase.. My 18yr old cousin passed away. I'm having such a hard time swallowing this sad loss. I still haven't told my oldest (who was very close to her) because I'm waiting for her to get home from work. Not sure how to find the words...

Shay (RIP) and Amiyah (my oldest)

My mother and I (and hopefully my oldest) will be making a quick trip to California on Thursday. We will be going by train (OMG!!!) because the cost for the 3 of us to fly on such short notice is just unreasonable right now. The cost for the train is more than 1/2 the airfare.

Question - I need some good travel foods. We will be w/out a stove/oven/microwave for about 24 hours. Once we get to Cali, I'm sure I will be able to stick to P2 "friendly" foods. I only have 8 days left! I've even thought about just making today my last injection, but my mother is on R1P2 and she can't quit now. I might as well stay on so we can support eachother. Any ideas/help is greatly appreciated!

BTW - I think my family is due a break. We've had our fair share of tragedy! 3 unexpected, YOUNG deaths w/in the last 6 months is enough!!!! All due to accident or natural causes. Just not right!

Monday, February 07, 2011


D15 - -2.8
D16 - +.8
D17 - +/- 0.0

The saying "speak it into existence" never lied!! I was so frustrated on Friday with my .6-.8 toggle. I know I shouldn't be frustrated, especially since my weight loss has been WONDERFUL! Over the weekend I hit my 50lb loss goal!!! Then on Sunday I had a .8 gain :( So now I'm battling to get those last .4 off to hit my goal (again).

I made it to the mall to do some jean shopping!! All my anxiety for nothing!! I fit wonderfully into a pair of size 14's!! I rarely spend money on myself (yeah.. that happens when you have children), BUT I bought myself a really nice pair of Lucky Brand Jeans!! Originally $99 at Macy's, but marked down 65% and then I received another 20% off because I was wearing red (I work for a Cardiologist office and the logo on my jacket was red!!) WOOHOO! I bought a 2nd pair at Old Navy that were super cute (Below). I didn't think to take a pic at Macy's :( But I will on Friday when I wear them on Jeans Friday :)

Friday, February 04, 2011


R2 Start Weight = 187.0
Today's Weight = 182.4
From Load = -8.40
Total R2 Loss = -4.60

Well.... Slowly but surely the weight is coming off. My goal is to be strict on myself this weekend. The days I tend to stray away from protocol is Friday night - Saturday night.

This weekend I am going to look for some new jeans. You would think that after losing almost 50 pounds I would be excited to go clothes shopping!! I'm actually having anxiety about it. I'm literally down to my last pair of size 16 jeans and they are way too big for me. My husband tried to grab my butt the other day and wound up with a handful of jean material :) My fear is I will get in the dressing room and struggle to fit into a pair of size 14's.

I work in a hospital and wear medical scrubs daily to work. I really need new scrubs too! But again, I'm scared to buy more in fear that they won't fit. My current ones are so bad that I now walk on the back of my bottoms and my tops hang off of me! And honestly, my coworkers are giving me a hard time about it.. but in a good way.

Am I insane? Or does anyone else fear clothes shopping? I know the fears go back to me being MUCH heavier and getting depressed because I didn't like the way clothes fit or refused to buy "my true size".

It's Superbowl Weekend!! Hope everyone has a great time and temptations stay away! :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


R2 Start Weight = 187.0
Today's Weight = 183.8
Total R2 Loss = -3.20

I hit another goal today.. 20% Loss! Only -3.8 to go until I've officially lost 50 pounds!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


R2 Start Weight = 187.0
Today's Weight = 184.4
Total R2 Loss = -2.60

WOW.. Round 2 is moving soooo ssllooww! I know it's a combination of things (weather, boredom, husband quit, mood, work, ect) that are making this Round really hard for me, but I've got to keep pushing thru! Today is day 11 and I'm only down -2.60 (or -6.40 from Load), which is discouraging. I was doing SO well on R1P4, that I thought I would see better results by now. I know this weight will be a hard one for me to break because I was 185 for YEARS.. I'm sure my body has found a familiar comfort.

Pushing on.... Not giving up!