Friday, October 29, 2010


-2.0 LIW (P2 Total = -.2)

Waking up this morning with a 2lb loss was a SHOCKER! After eating Fast Food on Load Day 1 and feeling like crap, yesterday I just ate what I normally would have in a given day.. and TRUST that wasn't anything good. But I did feel full and wasn't craving anything else. So hopefully this isn't a sign that I didn't "load" correctly.

When speaking with my doctor, one of my questions to her was "Is there such thing as TOO much water?" And surprisingly yes. Before HCG, I never was a coffee or tea drinker (and that coming from oneone in the PNW!) and I had already cut out soda. So water is the only thing for me to drink. She said I should try and stick around 100-110 ounces / daily.

Yesterday was quite busy with me having to use the restroom everytime I stood up. My bladder was on overload, even tho I was monitoring my water intake. I was at Walmart looking for a digital food scale when I almost piss'd myself! My daughter thought it was quite funny.

This weekend is going to be a VERY busy one and I'm already planning ahead w/my food choices. Normally we would be out of the house all day and just 'wing it' on lunch/dinner. My youngest has a soccer game 2 hours away and a halloween party afterwards. Lots of temptations, but I'm confident I will be good!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


+1.8 lbs

Yesterday's "load day" left me feeling sick, uncomfortable & gassy. Not fun feelings. I haven't been drinking any soda, juice or sugary drinks in over 2 weeks so the Lemonade I had with dinner didn't taste right. Ended up giving it to my daughter.

Today I feel tired and just blah. Today is my last "load day" and tomorrow will be my first VLCD day! I finally found some Grissini Breadsticks at our grocery store. They were the stores brand, but the nutrition values were about the same. I will still plan on buying some from Amazon tho.

On to day 2.........

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today is the DAY. I started my injections this morning and was quite surprised at how painless it was. I had my doctor appointment yesterday and was pretty horrified at my results.. lab results, body measurements, full body fat results. But those numbers will be helpful along the way. Definitely something I NEED to change!

So today is my first "Load" day and it really isn't as fun as I was anticipating! After cutting out certain foods (wheat, sugar) for over a week and now being able to have free-range, I feel a little sick.. and it's only lunch time! I'm definitely having "fatty" foods so hopefully that will be enough.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decision Made

After going back and forth with this decision & looking at countless websites, I have made the decision to start HCG. My initial appointment was on Saturday and I will go back next Tuesday, the 26th, to start the shots. I have choosen the shots over the oral for my own personal preference. I'm hoping to document my experience and be brutally honest with myself about what results I am having and why.

So this week (since Saturday) I was supposed to cut out sugar, wheat and increase my fruit/veggie intake & walk 30 minutes/3 days week. I didn't start on Saturday like I was supposed to, I actually started yesterday. So far, ummmm not so good. I need to better prepare myself for DRLunches!! Today we were brought Mexican, and I did better than I normally would have. So that's a step.

My goal for tonight is to stick to my "thought" dinner and not stray when cooking for the kids. I also plan on getting my 1st 30 minute walk in for this week.