Friday, April 29, 2011


LIW: 174.2 / Todays Weight: 175.2 / Difference: +1.0

Phase 3 is my favorite!! It was really nice to add back in protein for breakfast! I can really tell a difference in how I feel from P2 to P3. I have more energy and just all around feel "better" adding breakfast + snacks back into my daily eating!

Last night I went to ZUMBA (as usual) and had a blast! I'm really loving these classes and the more I learn the dances, the more I'm sweating because I'm able to really get into the moves by adding more hips & arms :) On Monday I'm starting the c25k program and can't wait :) I've done this before, but never ran a 5k. My girlfriend, N, and I are going to do this together. Great support!

Happy Weekend y'all :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well... Easter has come and gone and my official LIW was 174.2. Today I am up to 175.4 :( I am having a TERRIBLE time with TOM and just feel really bloated and sore. Not fun. I have been really overwhelmed at work with a system upgrade that I am heading and have been putting in ALOT of hours since Friday.


Onto my next goals :) I started the C25K program after Round 1, Phase 2 but didn't end up sticking to it. If you want to join me in the C25K program, head over to Eat, Move, Write and sign up! She'll even email you with a cyber-running-buddy if you choose to have one. It's a great way to stay accountable! This starts Monday, May 2nd and will end RIGHT before we leave on vacation :)

I am also going to be photo-documenting my meals. It's a great way to stay honest with myself and the foods that I am eating. That will start tomorrow!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday - 175.6 / Today - 173.8 / Difference -1.8 / Total Loss -15.60

R1P2D21 Total Loss = -17.20
R2P2D21 Total Loss = -15.60

Thank you.. Thank you.. Stall Gods for lifting my curse!! I can't even explain to you the relief that rolled over me this morning seeing a great loss!! Depending on the arrival of TOM, I'm still shooting for Sunday to be my LIW. Weekends are the hardest days for me to stay focused. This weekend will be especially hard with Easter being on Sunday. After pushing thru this stall/gain, I will be so dedicated as to not end R2 with a higher weight!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little Easter Surprise...


A little Easter Bunny left me a present on my desk at work today. Hmmm.. Wonder if it will still be good in 3 weeks? :)


Yesterday - 176.6 / Today - 175.6 / Difference -1.0 / Total Loss -13.80

R1P2D20 Total Loss = -16.00
R2P2D19 Total Loss = -13.80

Thank you so much for your kind words yesterday while I was feeling pretty frusterated about my stalls and THEN a +1.0 gain! TOM is supposed to show up on Sunday, which will also be my LIW. My original goal was to be ANYWHERE in the 160's when I finish R2, but I need to keep reminding myself that Phase 2 in ONLY a part of ROUND 2! I still have 3 weeks of P3 to complete.

Caitlin was 100% right when she said that hCG "was the most trying diet which requires extreme amounts of effort and focus". The payoff is amazing and that is what I need to continue to remind myself of daily!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday - 175.6 / Today - 176.6 / Difference +1.0 / Total Loss -12.80

R1P2D19 Total Loss = -16.20
R2P2D19 Total Loss = -12.80

I'm so over this. I know that TOM is lurking around the corner and with as much as I've pee'd today I better lose some of that +1.0 gain tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday - 175.8 / Today - 175.6 / Difference -.20 / Total Loss -13.80

R1P2D18 Total Loss = -15.40
R2P2D18 Total Loss = -13.80

Slow & Steady wins the race... right? :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


What the stall?

Yesterday - 175.8 / Today - 175.8 / Difference -0.0 / Total Loss -13.60

R1P2D17 Total Loss = -14.60
R2P2D17 Total Loss = -13.60

Up until today, I have been ahead of my Round 1 losses. Today I am 1 pound behind it. I have been the same weight for 3 days in a row. I'm just going to push thru the stall and hope that I have a drop tomorrow.

My original goal for this Round was to end ANYWHERE in the 160's.. 169.8 would have been fine with me. I was going to *maybe* extend a few days to hit that goal, but I think that I'm just going to use Sunday as my LIW regardless of where I end up. During R1 I continued to lose during Phase 3, so I'm hoping that will be my luck this time. I know you are supposed to lose during P3, but I never 'dieted' during that phase.. just exercised and followed the no carb/sugar rule. My body tends to do really well in Phase 3!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday - 176.0 / Today - 175.8 / Difference -.20 / Total Loss -13.6

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday - 176.6 / Today - 176.0 / Difference -.60 / Total Loss -13.40


R1P2D14 Total Loss = -12.20
R2P2D14 Total Loss = -13.40

Not feeling too well today. Woke up with a runny nose, major headache & cough. Not a great way to start my weekend. Headed to the store in a few to pick up some Zinc & Vit C! Looks like this cold is going around, and not just here. A few of my fellow bloggers have been sick too.

On Sunday I am getting a 90 minute massage with my mom courtesy of my sister! She loves us and wanted to spoil us from afar (she lives in NY!). I can't wait!!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday - 177.2 / Today - 176.6 / Difference -.60 / Total Loss -12.8


R1P2D13 Total Loss = -10.8
R2P2D13 Total Loss = -12.8

I know that per Dr. Simeons protocol, we are not supposed to work out while using hCG. I have used this round to experiment with the results of cardio only workouts. I've mainly been either walking, step aerobics or Zumba. I have seen my weight stall out the past few days, with finally having a .6 loss today. BUT I am still 2.0 pounds below my R1 results as of today.

To date during R1, I had a .4 gain (minus load days)
To date during R2, I have had a .2 gain (minus load days) & 2 days of 0.0 loss/gain.

I'm still continue to be happy with my R2 results so far!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday - 177.2 / Today - 177.2 / Difference -0.0 / Total Loss -12.2

R1P2D12 Total Loss = -11.2
R2P2D12 Total Loss = -12.2

I'm echo'ing exactly what Caitlin said. This is a result from losing so much so quickly this Round. I'm dedicated to not being discouraged and just sticking to Protocol today and seeing what happens tomorrow :)

I did do ZUMBA! last night. Maybe I'll start seeing less of a loss from the nights I do workouts. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday - 179.0 / Today - 177.2 / Difference -1.8 / Total Loss -12.2

R1P2D11 Total Loss = -10.2
R2P2D11 Total Loss = -12.2

Eating on P2 Protocol is not the hard part for me during the weekends, making sure I get my water in IS! Yesterday I made sure to drink my weight in ounces of water and the payoff was wonderful! Another great loss of -1.8!! I'm TWO whole pounds ahead of my R1 progress! My goal for this Round was "to just be in the 160's"! I didn't care if it was high 160's. I definitely think that will be a reachable goal!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday - 178.8 / Today - 179.0 / Difference +.2 / Total Loss -10.4

R1P2D10 Total Loss = -9.8
R2P2D10 Total Loss = -10.4

Saturday - 178.8 (-1.40)
Sunday - 178.8 (+/- 0)

My first gain since starting R2! And I already know what I did wrong and have the plan to correct it. Anyone else have the problem of staying 100% on Protocol during the weekends? I had a really hard time getting in all my water this weekend. Especially yesterday. My goal today is drinking, drinking, and then drinking some more!

Friday, April 08, 2011


Yesterday - 181.4 / Today - 180.2 / Difference -1.2 / Total Loss -9.2

R1P2D6 Total Loss = -7.0
R1P2D6 Total Loss = -9.2

It is really helping me to take a look back @ Round 1 and see how I'm doing this round compared to the previous round. I really thought this round would be slower (still might get that way eventually) because I have "less" to lose, but I'm really happy with the results and feel great!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Yesterday - 182.6 / Today - 181.4 / Difference -1.2 / Total Loss -8.0

R1P2D6 Total Loss = -5.4
R1P2D6 Total Loss = -8.0

I can't believe the results I'm having this time around! I'm not complaining by any means, but it is definitely motivation to stay on Protocol during the day!!

I'm curious to hear if anyone has continued to workout or include fitness in their routine during Phase 2. I didn't so much during R1, but don't plan on cutting it out during R2. I plan to continue with Zumba (2-3 days) & my Step Aerobics class (at least 2 days). I did Zumba on Tuesday having no problems with exhaustion. I did Step Aerobics last night with many modifications (no risers, slower pace, no high jumping, ect) and felt pretty good afterwards. I did have an additional apple before working out and had my normal fruit with dinner.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Round 2 - Do-over

I've (re)started Round 2. My first attempt was an An unplanned trip to Cali, a planned trip to Cali, redesign of our kitchen, TOM, all excuses that allowed me to not follow course. This Round I started right after TOM and cross my fingers that nothing unexpected happens! XxxX

The bad news is I did gain back most of my 1st R2 attempt, but the good news is that I did not go over my R1P4 final weight!! I was honestly afraid to weigh myself!

R2P2D1 - 187.8
R2P2D2 - 189.6 +1.80
R2P2D3 - 189.4 - .20
R2P2D4 - 185.4 -4.00
R2P2D5 - 182.6 -2.80 (TODAY)

So far I'm off to a great start!! -5.20 from starting weight!

Here is a pic of my cousin and I from Cali when I went a few weeks ago. Between the 2 of us, there is a total of -200 pound loss. She is my inspiration! I'm on the Right in both pics.