Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday - 175.6 / Today - 173.8 / Difference -1.8 / Total Loss -15.60

R1P2D21 Total Loss = -17.20
R2P2D21 Total Loss = -15.60

Thank you.. Thank you.. Stall Gods for lifting my curse!! I can't even explain to you the relief that rolled over me this morning seeing a great loss!! Depending on the arrival of TOM, I'm still shooting for Sunday to be my LIW. Weekends are the hardest days for me to stay focused. This weekend will be especially hard with Easter being on Sunday. After pushing thru this stall/gain, I will be so dedicated as to not end R2 with a higher weight!!


Chellie said...

Ooh, Easter could be rough! Chocolate eggs and jellybeans are nothing compared to looking as great as you do! What is LIW?

Schatzi said...

Thanks Chellie!! It's not really the chocolate that is going to be hard for me! It's my mothers "Pineapple Dream Cake" that she makes only 1x a year.. EASTER!! This cake is heaven on a plate.. It's THAT GOOD!

LIW = Last Injection Weight if you are doing injections or LDW = Last Drop Weight if you are doing sublingual. That will be the weight that I will need to maintain (w/in 2lbs) for Phase 3.

Chellie said...

Wow, Pineapple Dream Cake does sound good! good luck!

Dusty Rose said...

Hey you are doing great Schatzi! You are on a roll now. I know Easter is hard, but we have to hang tough and get through this. There is ALWAYS going to be some kind of excuse for snitching. It's not forever, just take it a day at a time and celebrate the new you! I hope you got yourself a pretty new dress for Easter to show off your new figure!

Gracie.Johnson said...

Wow great loss! Congrats I'm late on reading this and hoping you did well on Easter.

genius786 said...

hmmm interesting.. hcg?

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