Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well... Easter has come and gone and my official LIW was 174.2. Today I am up to 175.4 :( I am having a TERRIBLE time with TOM and just feel really bloated and sore. Not fun. I have been really overwhelmed at work with a system upgrade that I am heading and have been putting in ALOT of hours since Friday.


Onto my next goals :) I started the C25K program after Round 1, Phase 2 but didn't end up sticking to it. If you want to join me in the C25K program, head over to Eat, Move, Write and sign up! She'll even email you with a cyber-running-buddy if you choose to have one. It's a great way to stay accountable! This starts Monday, May 2nd and will end RIGHT before we leave on vacation :)

I am also going to be photo-documenting my meals. It's a great way to stay honest with myself and the foods that I am eating. That will start tomorrow!


G said...

25K you go girl!

Dusty Rose said...

Try some dandelion tea to take off some of the water weight and bloating. It works like a charm. "Traditional Medicinals" makes this tea, and I've found it at some grocery store and even Walmart!

Karyn said...

Easter seems to have screwed with everyone! Try to just move on from today and not get caught up in the day weights, but in the ultimate successes and goals. You have done so great!

Lynsey said...

How long does a short round have to be? Is it 20 days on drops and the 3 off before P3 or 23 days on drops and 3 off?

I haven't been the same since Easter and I had just a little cheat. I've done the C25K once before so I may have to look into that again once I'm onto P3.

Schatzi said...

@ G - Only a 5k :) 25k would probably kill me.

@ Dusty Rose - I'll have to look out for that tea. Looks like I made it thru the P3 initial gain!

@ Karyn - Sounds like a plan to me!! I'm just watching portions and NO Sugar / starch! Working so far :)

@ Lynsey - I'ts 26 days (2 load w/inj, 21 VLCD w/inj, 3 VLCD w/no inj), then 21 days of P3 and then returning to P2. You should do the c25k program with me!! :) I'm starting Monday!

Lynsey said...

Ok, I did the 2 load and am on VLCD day 11 so I just have 10 more left with injections then. You don't have to do 6 weeks on P4 before going back to P2?

I can't run yet can I? I've been too scared to try.

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