Friday, April 29, 2011


LIW: 174.2 / Todays Weight: 175.2 / Difference: +1.0

Phase 3 is my favorite!! It was really nice to add back in protein for breakfast! I can really tell a difference in how I feel from P2 to P3. I have more energy and just all around feel "better" adding breakfast + snacks back into my daily eating!

Last night I went to ZUMBA (as usual) and had a blast! I'm really loving these classes and the more I learn the dances, the more I'm sweating because I'm able to really get into the moves by adding more hips & arms :) On Monday I'm starting the c25k program and can't wait :) I've done this before, but never ran a 5k. My girlfriend, N, and I are going to do this together. Great support!

Happy Weekend y'all :)


Karyn said...

Congratulations on round 3, it really is a relief isn't it? I can't wait to be back there. Congrats also on your 15lbs loss, if I do that well Ill be thrilled beyond belief!

genius786 said...

is it true/? hcg diet is safe for rapid weight loss?

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